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Metro Network

IP MAN bears broadband, DDN, IPTV, mobile data, IDC services, the major functions includes:

a) Province Area Network(PAN). PAN bears the internal IP network traffic between cities’ transportation and import/export cities’ traffic in province level service from/to backbone.

b) Core Level. Core level realizes data and route transfer and provides a interface between MAN and PAN or backbone for services traffic.

c) Aggregation Level. Aggregation level realizes service traffic aggregation and distribution and responses the services access and interconnection with other networks, such as IPTV, DNS etc..

d) Access Level. 

SR realizes DDN access, MPLS PE and broadcast gateway functions and bears IPTV service.

BRAS realizes DDN access, MPLS PE and broadcast gateway functions for OLT traffic access and aggregation switch access.

Optical Transceiver:

OCRECOM provides SFP GE/Bidi GE、SFP+ 10G/Bidi 10G、QSFP+ 40G、CFP/CFP2 100G etc. for all IP Metro Network requirements and applications. It realizes high data speed, long distance, efficient transportation and saves fiber resource, reduce the cost of network maintenance and deployment.

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