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The OCRECOM’s OU8C341 is a Four-Channel, Pluggable, dual LC, and Fiber-Optic QSFP28 Transceiver for 100G Ethernet applications. The QSFP28 full-duplex optical module offers 4 independent transmit and receive channels, each capable of 25.78125Gbps operation for an aggregate data rate of 103.1Gbps 2km using single mode fiber. These modules are designed to operate over single mode fiber systems using 1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm, 1331nm DFB laser array. QSFP28 CWDM4 is one kind of transceiver which provides increased port density and total system cost savings. They are compliant with the QSFP28 MSA, CWDM4 MSA and portions of IEEE 802.3bm.

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