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Optical module industrial grade meaning

As an important communication electronic product, the optical module is also classified into a civilian grade and an industrial grade at the application level. Today Xiaobian took you to learn about industrial-grade optical modules.

Optical modules are generally divided into three levels: military, industrial, and civilian. The market circulation is basically civilian, and some manufacturers will make a difference in the model, such as finisar, end -E and -I represent industrial grade, The biggest difference between industrial and civilian applications is the operating temperature. Industrial-grade operating temperature is between -40-85 and civil-grade is 0-70. Because the optical module is operated inside the device, it is in an almost sealed state. The temperature will generally be higher than the device itself. In some high temperature environments, using industrial grades is more appropriate. As far as industrial grades are concerned, dust, water resistance, electromagnetic interference, etc., are not so important for optical modules.

Industrial-grade optical modules are also far more expensive than civilian ones in terms of price, mainly because ICs and chips need to adopt industrial grades, and PCBs also need to use more laminates. There are many kinds of industrial-grade products on the market, but the single chip is replaced with an industrial grade. But it is completely impossible to achieve true industrial standards.

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