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How to use the router as a switch?

The router itself integrates the functions of a switch and can use the router as a switch. The network connection, instead of using the WAN port on the router, connects the front-end router's network cable to the router's LAN port, and the computer also connects to the LAN port. The router can then be used as a switch.


Front-end router ---- LAN port ---- Router ---- LAN port ---- Computer


1. Change the management address of the router and do not conflict with the IP address of the router on the front end. The default management address of our router is Therefore, when setting, it is necessary to change the management address of the router. Do not conflict.


2. Disable the DHCP function on the router. The router at the front end allocates IP addresses. Otherwise, the computer cannot obtain the correct network parameters, resulting in no Internet access.




1. First connect the computer from the LAN port of the router and change the IP address from the route to another network segment address, as long as it is not on the same network segment as the main router. For example, most of the routers' addresses are We only need to change the address of each router to


2. In the setup, the DHCP function will be turned off from the router;


3. Finally, the network cable coming out of the main router is connected to the LAN port of the router (any one of them is OK). Note that it cannot be a WAN port.


This method can pick up 6 computers at the same time!

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